Obama mad at GOP for standing in his way, even though it saves taxpayers a lot of money


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama is accusing congressional Republicans of being the party of “no.”

Obama said the following, according to ABC News:

“We have a party on the other side that has been captured by an ideology that says ‘no’ to everything, because they claim to a rigid theory that the only way to grow an economy is for the government to be dismantled.”

First of all, our federal government is hardly dismantled. Just take a quick look at the website “usdebtclock.org” and you will see how preposterous that idea is.

Thank goodness someone in Washington D.C. says no sometimes. Imagine if the Democrats had maintained control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and Obama’s free spending had continued to go unchecked.

The fact is that the House GOP majority has forced the president into many budget compromises, including the so-called “sequester” budget cuts, which the president warned would lead to great suffering across the nation. As it turns out, the sequester cuts have helped cut billions from the federal deficit, according to new projections.

“Instead of staying on a path to $4 trillion in federal spending, outlays dropped to $3.546 trillion in fiscal 2012, and to $3.45 trillion in fiscal 2013. This was a four percent decline in spending in nominal terms and closer to seven percent in real terms,” according to the National Review.

“The main factor has been falling government spending, which is a positive force for the economy. And the reason government spending is falling is that the budget caps and the automatic cuts called “sequester,” which were part of the under-appreciated 2011 budget deal between Republicans in Congress and President Obama, are working to force down outlays on non-entitlement programs.

“The Tea Party movement revolved in the 2010 midterm elections and helped sweep into the House fiscally conservative Republicans, and the GOP seized the opportunity. This pivotal election radically changed the direction of our fiscal deterioration.”

The President may not get it, but sometimes restraint is necessary when you have a $17 trillion national debt. We can be thankful to the Founding Fathers for giving us a system of government checks and balances, so that forces of reason can be on hand to check big spenders like Obama.

Authored by Steve Gunn


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