Obama, de Blasio Have Turned Out to be Hypocrites When It Comes to Government Transparency

Obama double

The New York Post is calling out progressives for their hypocritical stance on government accountability, citing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Obama as the most obvious culprits.

De Blasio and Obama have both criticized their predecessors for keeping the public in the dark, and have pledged to bring increased transparency. But as the Post points out, neither have kept their word.

“Last year, as a public advocate, (de Blasio) unveiled a ‘Transparency Report Card’ accusing Bloomberg-era city agencies of failing to ‘obey the law and make records public,’” according to the Post editorial. “But a new report from the Associated Press says that ‘from the first moments’ of his mayoralty, Bill de Blasio has ‘established a record of frequently conducing public business in private, with dozens of events closed to the press.’”

De Blasio has reportedly blocked media or limited media access to at least 83 events, prompting Associated Press Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll to quip during a recent speech to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press that “It’s clear that the most-used rubber stamp in his office is the one that says ‘closed to the press.’”

In total, more than 20 percent of de Blasio’s events during his first five months in office have been closed meetings, according to Breitbart News.

The Post’s op-ed also takes aim at Obama’s hypocrisy on transparency.

Despite the president’s vows at his inauguration to be “the most transparent administration ever,” Obama has consistently worked to manipulate the media and deny access to vital information for journalists.

One example is the administration’s practice of restricting photographers from official events, which means media outlets are forced to use pictures “taken and approved by the White House,” according to the Post.

“We attribute it to the liberal idea that government knows better,” the Post opined.

A focus on government transparency during Sunshine Week in March highlighted several other ways the president has contradicted himself on the issue.

“An Associated Press analysis of federal data found that the Obama administration has grown more secretive over time, last year censoring or outright denying FOIA access to government files more than ever since Obama took office,” the Washington Post reported in March.

“A separate report this week from the National Security Archives found that 54 percent of all agencies have ignored directives that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder issued in 2009 calling for a ‘presumption of disclosure’ with (Freedom of Information Act) requests.”

The blatant progressive double-talk leads to a logical conclusion, which the Post posed quite succinctly:

“Yes, all pols try to control how they are depicted. But if progressives are really acting – as they claim – on behalf of the people, why are they so keen on keeping a free press from seeing what they are doing?”


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