Obama Admin: Promoting Murder of US Troops Okay for Obama Funders, But Not for Muslim Clerics

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

Top Obama bundler Jodie Evans with Marxist tyrant Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama

The Obama State Department this week disavowed its promotion of a Muslim cleric after it was reported by the Washington Free Beacon that the cleric, Sheik Abdallah Bin Bayyah, endorsed a fatwa in 2004 authorizing Muslims to kill U.S. troops in Iraq.

At the same time, the Obama administration continues to deal with Obama funder and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans who helped deliver cash and humanitarian aid to “the other side” in Fallujah in 2004 and made a personal statement in 2005 supporting the killing of U.S. troops in Iraq.

The double standard stinks to high heaven but is what has been come to be expected from the Obama administration.

In early 2007, Obama tapped Jodie Evans to be a co-host of his breakthrough Hollywood fundraiser even though she had just returned from working with the Castro government in Cuba against America.

Obama then named Evans a bundler for his presidential campaign. Obama was informed of Evans’s support for terrorists and alliances with anti-American dictators via a letter from military families delivered to his Senate office in April 2008. Several press releases and articles in conservative publications on Evans’ support for terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism were also published during that time.

In June 2008, Evans expressed agreement with Osama bin Laden’s stated reasons for the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans and citizens from around the world in the deadliest attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor.

Jodie Evans:…”We were attacked because we were in Saudi Arabia, that was the message of Osama, was that because we had our bases in the Middle East, he attacked the United States.”
Paul A. Ibbetson: “Do you think that’s a valid argument?”

Jodie Evans: “Sure. Why do we have bases in the Middle East? We totally violated the rights of that country. Why do we get to have bases in the Middle East?”

Obama ignored all this and continued to accept large donations from Evans through his Obama Victory Fund.

Evans said in June 2005 of the terrorists killing and maiming U.S. troops in Iraq:

“We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and defending their right to resist. I can remain myself against all forms of violence, and yet I cannot judge what someone has to do when pushed to the wall to protect all they love. The Iraqi people are fighting for their country, to protect their families and to preserve all they love. They are fighting for their lives, and we are fighting for lies.”

Evans made the statement while participating in the World Tribunal on Iraq, a leftist/Islamist show trial held in Istanbul, Turkey. The tribunal issued a secular fatwa supporting the killing of U.S. troops that Code Pink endorsed:

“There is widespread opposition to the occupation. Political, social, and civil resistance through peaceful means is subjected to repression by the occupying forces. It is the occupation and its brutality that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.”

As reported by the Free Beacon, the 2004 fatwa endorsed by Bin Bayyah sounds similar to the secular fatwa supported by Evans and Code Pink in 2005:

“The 2004 fatwa allowing for the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq reportedly stated that “resisting occupation troops” is a “duty” for all Muslims, according to reports filed at the time.”

Six months prior to formally endorsing the terrorists in Iraq, Evans and Code Pink arranged for the delivery of $600,000 in cash and humanitarian aid to what Code Pink called “the other side” in Fallujah as U.S., British and Iraqi forces fought to liberate the Iraqi city form al Qaeda.

Since Obama became president, Evans and Code Pink have acted as go-betweens for Hamas and the Taliban to Obama.

Evans and Code Pink have also worked to overthrow the governments of U.S. allies in the Middle East while continuing to work with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism like Hamas and Iran.

Code Pink has also raised money for family members of al Qaeda in Yemen and been found to work with a Yemeni group linked to al Qaeda.

That doesn’t stop the Obama administration from dealing with Jodie Evans and Code Pink.

Last year Evans met with senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett in the White House.

In recent months Evans has met again with Jarrett while Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson met with Code Pink at DHS headquarters.

Now that the State Department has made it clear that advocating for the killing of U.S. troops is not approved by the Obama administration, one wonders if President Obama will likewise finally disavow terrorist supporter Jodie Evans and Code Pink?

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