Oops! NYT Executive Editor Had Gothic NYT “T” Tattooed On Her Back Before She Got Canned

It seems like it was just yesterday that Jill Abramson was moving into her new office at the NY Times.

NYT Executive editor Jill Abramson recently got a tattoo of the Times’s gothic “T” on her back.
gothic t

Her daugher tweeted out her mother’s arm tattoo pf a subway token, via On The Record:
nyt tattoo

This week she got canned.
The New York Times reported:

Both Mr. Baquet and Mr. Sulzberger praised Ms. Abramson for her efforts, but at a newspaper where executive editors generally serve until they are 65, her tenure was five years shorter than many thought it would be. When she was named the paper’s top editor, Ms. Abramson called it “the honor of my life.” She recently got a tattoo of The Times’s gothic “T” on her back.

“I’ve loved my run at The Times,” Ms. Abramson said in a prepared statement. “I got to work with the best journalists in the world doing so much stand-up journalism,” she added, noting her appointment of many senior female editors as one of her achievements.

The Times won eight Pulitzer Prizes under Ms. Abramson, and she won praise for journalistic efforts both in print and on the web. She had previously served as the head of the Washington bureau, and before coming to The Times was an investigative reporter at The Wall Street Journal. She co-wrote, with Ms. Mayer, “Strange Justice,” a book about the confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

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