Noted Far Left Racist & Smear Merchant Responds to Progs Today’s Exposé on White Privilege Conference

Noted far left racist and smear merchant Leonard Zeskind responded today to Progressives Today‘s coverage of the highly controversial and racist White Privilege Conference in Madison Wisconsin.

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Zeskind, a committed leftist, was the author of the highly controversial NAACP Tea Party report that accused Tea Party members of being racists. At the White Privilege Conference in Madison this smear merchant told his class that the longer you are in the Tea Party the more racist you become.

Sadly, Leonard was not able to actually respond to any of the offensive and racist video we produced from the conference. He would only throw out personal attacks and hurl insults.


Zeskind posted his nonsensical rebuttal on an obscure far left website IREHR:

On May 9, Erica Ritz wrote a story entitled “’The Longer You Are in the Tea Party, the More Racist You Become’: What Educators Learned at Alarming ‘White Privilege’ Conference.”  The story ran on Glenn Beck’s television station, The Blaze, on a program entitled “Dana.” Danarefers to Dana Loesch, a Tea Party activist formerly from St. Louis.  The show and the story attacked participants at an academic conference on “White Privilege,” including this author.

The video clips used on the program originated from a far-right website called Progressives Today (, which uses James O’Keefe-style undercover videos (often taken out of context) to discredit efforts for racial and social justice.   This website produced four longer videos on the White Privilege conference.  Progressives Today, is a collaboration of Jim Hoff (it’s Hoft), the founder of the St. Louis-based Tea Party website, The Gateway Pundit, and Kyle Olsen (it’s Olson), founder of the Michigan-based anti-public education group, Education Action Group Foundation, Inc. (  The Gateway Pundit has now joined the attacks on the White Privilege Conference, amplifying the issue among Tea Partiers. Given Dana Loesch’s long-standing relationship with the group, it’s not surprising to see the issue appear on The Blaze.

Loesch noted, in a tone of OhMyGosh abhorrence, my co-authorship of a 2010 report on racists in the Tea Party movement, released in conjunction with the NAACP.  In the same manner, Dana was horrified that I had actually said, “the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.”

I admit it.  I was one of the authors who wrote that groundbreaking 2010 report on the Tea Party movement.  We were honored that the NAACP saw fit to release this document, which did not argue that all Tea Partiers were racist.  It argued that some of them were.  There is more evidence today that the Tea Party movement itself is a racist movement.

Maybe one day Zeskind will apologize for his racist attacks against his political enemies.
It would have been refreshing if he could have argued his points without name-calling and racist attacks. But, that is what he is known for.
Haters hate and Zeskind is a hater.

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