No stunner: The best states for business take care of business, while the worst treat capitalists like criminals

best and worst

GREENWICH, Conn. – Chief Executive has published its 2014 list of the best and worst states to do business, based on a poll of private sector chief executive officers. The entire top 10 have Republican governors and conservative voter bases while 7 of the bottom 10 have Democratic governors, and all have powerful labor unions.

The top 10 are Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana and Georgia.

The bottom 10 are Maryland, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, New York and California. published several comments from CEOS regarding the states that tax and regulate business to death:

“California could hardly do more to discourage business if that was the goal.”

“Illinois is a horrendous state in which to do business. It is governed by a class of incompetent, corrupt politicians. It’s like doing business in the third world country.”

“New York does not appreciate small business. NY punishes well-run businesses and regards only very large and well-connected businesses. Businesses are punished for growing and hiring workers.”

In states where organized labor flourishes and carries a lot of weight, it’s somehow considered immoral to own a business and make a profit, even though that means the creation of more jobs for everyday workers, including union workers. The unions bash business owners, and their purchased politicians pass laws that squeeze companies to the breaking point. If their left-wing, socialist political philosophy is more important to them than jobs, so be it.