Newspaper blasts teachers unions for blaming bad test scores on poverty

stop making excuses

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. – West Virginia students ranked dead last in reading in a recent national assessment of education in 13 states.

In math, the Mountain State’s seniors tied with Tennessee students for last place.

The American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia and the West Virginia Education Association, the state’s teachers unions, have attempted to blame the poor performance on poverty. But the Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s editorial board recently called the unions out on their lame excuses, and explained to the public why the state’s union bosses are full of hot air.

WVEA President Dale Lee attempted to downplay West Virginia’s test scores by claiming “all educators will tell you that the poverty level will have a direct reflection on the test scores.”

The newspapers response?

“Nonsense. If there was a direct correlation, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi and Washington, D.C., would all routinely perform more poorly than West Virginia in meeting academic standards. They all have higher poverty rates than our state does.”


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