FLASH➙ Good Morning America Kills James O’Keefe Segment on Hollywood Sting

GMA kills James O’Keefe segment on Hollywood environmental oil sheik scandal

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Progressives Today has learned, and confirmed from sources very close to the story, that Good Morning America was planning a segment on James O’Keefe’s latest sting video ……… And that Good Morning America killed the story. Their lawyers stepped in and killed it.

Progressives Today spoke with GMA producers today who declined to comment on the story.


News broke yesterday on the Hollywood Reporter website of O’Keefe’s latest project, a sting operation designed to expose the corrupt and collaborative world of A-list Hollywood stars, producers, and Progressive NGO’s and non-profits like MoveOn.org that effectively make up a Hollywood environmental lobby.

In this case, O’Keefes investigtors offered this Hollywood environmental lobby millions of dollars from a fictional oil sheik to produce an anti-fracking movie.

James’ tapes expose actors Ed Begley, Jr. and Mareil Hemingway as willing to lend their names and social media brands to the fictional project even though they knew the money was coming from Arab oil sheiks who’s goal was to keep America dependent on foreign oil.

More embarrassing still is where the recorded meeting took place. The actors, producers, and fake Arab oil sheik met at the Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the Sultan of Brunei. The property is currently being boycotted by another arm of the Hollywood left because of the Sultan’s support for anti gay and anti woman policies enshrined in Sharia law.

Hemingway and Begley Jr. sure are willing to get their hands dirty for the environment. Will this dirt rub off? Stay tuned…

But for some reason Good Morning America did not find the story fit for its audience.

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