New Hampshire dad: School officials have never notified parents about smutty novel

(The Kelly File)

GILFORD, N.H. – The New Hampshire dad who was arrested at his district’s school board meeting on Monday night after protesting a pornographic reading assignment offered some new insights into the controversy during an appearance on Fox News.

William Baer told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Wednesday that Gilford School District officials admitted to him that they’ve never notified parents about the controversial nature of Jodi Picoult’s novel “Nineteen Minutes” before it was assigned to students in previous school years.

That revelation contradicts what Gilford school officials told the public when this controversy broke late last week.
In a May 2 “informational statement” sent to EAGnews, Superintendent Kent Hemingway, school board president Sue Allen and Gilford High School Principal Peter Sawyer wrote: “In past years, use of ‘Nineteen Minutes’ included notification sent home to parents for approval. That procedure was not followed this past Monday (when the book was assigned).”



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