New Blog Instructs Kids: “How to Get an Abortion Without Telling Your Parents”

A new far left blog instructs children on how to get an abortion without telling your parents.
abortion parents

The Table of Contents of the “zine” lists the steps to a secret abortion.
table abortion minors

Live Action News reported:


As if teenagers didn’t already feel misunderstood by their parents, here comes a zine to help distance them from their parents. Hot off the presses of comes “How to Get an Abortion without Telling Your Parents.” Perfect for helping teens to distrust their parents, isolate them from the people who love them most, and knock their self-esteem even lower by convincing them that their child is better off dead than being raised by a teen mother.

In “How to Get an Abortion without Telling Your Parents,” parents are, of course, made out to be the bad guys. And in some cases maybe they are. Not all parents were created equal. But in most circumstances, parents love their children, and since they have to give permission for Tylenol, they should be in the loop when their daughter gets an abortion from which she could die or become sterile. The author refers to parents as “unnecessary people” further proving that those on the pro-choice side are working hard to create a rift between teenagers and their parents.

From herbal abortions to obtaining a judicial bypass, this zine offers tons of help in ending the life of an unborn child.

The zine tells kids to look into selling their cars and furniture to pay for their abortion.

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