More AMERICANS on disability than the entire population of GREECE


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama made good on his promise to spread the wealth around. But at what price? reports:

The total number of disability beneficiaries in the United States rose from 10,981,423 in March to 10,996,447 in April, setting a new all-time record, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.

The number of Americans receiving disability benefits continues to exceed the populations of Greece, Tunisia and Portugal, and is approaching the population of Cuba, which according to the CIA World Factbook is 11,047,251.

In 2012, the world watched Greece melt down over its government’s efforts to rein in spending.

Rioters torched buildings and destroyed property because that government was ending the gravy train. If America ever decides to get a handle on its unsustainable spending, do we really expect progressives to act any differently?


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