Michigan’s Full-Time Legislature Debates Burning Issues Such as State Cherry, Official Frog

Michigan tartan testimony
(video screengrab)

State government can become a self-important ecosystem all on its own, and there is no better example than Michigan’s full-time legislature.

Michigan Capitol Confidential’s Michael Lafaive reports:

While pondering all of the reasons the state House should not have approved a $195 million partial bailout of the Motor City Thursday, I couldn’t help but think aloud (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) what a blessing it is to have a full-time, highly-paid Legislature.

How else might Lansing politicians have the time to both confiscate more taxpayer wealth to reward bad behavior in Detroit, and then debate and determine — with the wisdom of Solomon — which Michigan frog should be the state’s “official” amphibian. …

There have been discussions in Lansing over official Scottish tartans (check out the video below), the official cherry of Michigan and — one of my personal favorites — that Iosco County — and no other Michigan county — should be declared the official birding capital of Michigan.

Bills in previous years sought to spell out which party gains custody of pets in a divorce.

Unsurprisingly, there is an effort to create a part-time legislature.

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