Michelle Obama is being stubborn in her defense of school lunch alterations that children hate

school lunch

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Good government requires those in power to recognize and acknowledge their mistakes and take action to correct any damage they’ve done.

But First Lady Michelle Obama – who is not part of our federal government in any official capacity – just can’t accept defeat. She’s insisting on fighting a Republican effort in Congress to roll back her “healthy” school lunch initiative, despite the huge problems the program has caused.


The fact is that there’s nothing healthy about the new school lunch standards, which were partially designed by Mrs. Obama and implemented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

They are not doing much for kids, because millions of students are throwing their lunches in the garbage, or not purchasing the meals at all.

And they are certainly not helping school districts, which are now losing money due to the extreme drop in lunch sales. Hundreds of districts around the nation have dropped out of the federal lunch program, saying it’s better to go their own way, without government assistance, than continue to lose money on food that kids won’t eat.

But none of those facts are bothering Mrs. Obama.

From The Daily Republic:

“Sounding a new aggressive tone, first lady Michelle Obama vowed in a private conference call on Monday to fight industry efforts at rolling back healthy school lunch standards, an issue that could come up for a vote later this week.”

Obama’s allies on the left are coming to her defense.

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