Meet Newark’s new mayor (SPOILER: He’s a friend of Louis Farrakhan)

NEWARK, N.J. – A radical has been elected mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Bay View reports:

Ras Baraka, one of the sons of the late poet and playwright Amiri Baraka, handily beat rival Shavar Jeffries Tuesday night to become the next mayor of his father’s city. How he did it was no mystery to those paying attention.

Who is Baraka? During the campaign, EAGnews dug up this video from a joint appearance by Baraka and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a couple years ago.

EAGnews reported at the time:

One wonders if Ras Baraka is elected mayor, the citizens of Newark may soon see words like “faggot” and “cracker” appearing in public documents.

Baraka seems to like those terms.

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