Massachusetts court rejects yet another challenge to ‘Under God’ in the Pledge


BOSTON – Progressives don’t give up easily in their war on traditional America. It’s safe to assume they will continue to seize every opportunity to challenge anything related to God or patriotism in our nation’s schools.

But for now, ‘Under God’ will continue to be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance, at least in Massachusetts.

ACLJ reports:

As is the case in many states, Massachusetts schools begin each day with a voluntary recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Consistent with United States Supreme Court cases concerning the freedom of speech, no teacher or student is required to participate or punished for failing to participate.

Atheist and Humanist parents and students, proceeding anonymously, brought suit claiming that this practice violated their right to equal protection under the Massachusetts Constitution. The suit claimed that the practice “marginalizes” Atheists and Humanists as “second-class citizens” who are “unpatriotic” and requested an order preventing the continued recitation of the Pledge so long as it includes “under God.” There was no evidence that the students had ever been punished, bullied, criticized, or otherwise mistreated for declining to recite the Pledge.

The court noted the Pledge “is intended to instill values of patriotism and good citizenship,” according to ACLJ. And we assume they noted that the majority of students come from families who profess some sort of faith in God. For once a court has demonstrated respect for the feelings of a clear majority. Too often court decisions shake off the fundamental concept of “majority rule” in favor of the interests of small minorities.

But this war will never end. Patriotic citizens will have to remain vigilant.

Authored by Kyle Olson