Left-wing environmentalists enlist evangelical scientist as ambassador to win over skeptical Christians

Katharine Hayhoe (BioLogos.com)

LUBBOCK, Texas – Katharine Hayhoe is not a household name, but that could change quickly if the mainstream media has anything to say about it.

Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University who believes man-made global warming is real and poses a serious existential threat for the planet. She is also an author and a scientific advisor for several organizations dedicated to raising awareness about climate change (or “climate disruption,” “global warming,” or whatever the weather alarmists are calling it these days).


What distinguishes Hayhoe from the hundreds of other scientists with similar résumés is the fact that she’s also an evangelical Christian. Typically, evangelicals are Christians who hold very conservative political and social views.

Finding a born-again believer in the upper levels of the scientific community is about as rare as finding an honest politician in Washington D.C. One 2010 survey revealed that only 2 percent of “elite” scientists identify themselves as evangelical Christians.

That’s why the mainstream media appear to be giving Hayhoe “the big push” to establish her as the environmentalists’ ambassador to the U.S. evangelical community, which is estimated at 20 million people. Hayhoe media exposure includes an appearance on Showtime’s TV series about climate change, “The Years of Living Dangerously,” and inclusion in Time magazine’s 100 “Most Influential People in the World in 2014.”

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