Kirsten Powers: Obamacare Was Obama’s Hurricane Katrina – He’s “Never Going to Recover” (Video)

Democratic columnist and analyst Kirsten Powers admitted tonight on The O’Reilly Factor that she did not vote for Obama twice.

Powers also said Obamacare was the president’s ‘Hurricane Katrina’ and he’ll never recover from it.

Bill O’Reilly: This VA thing. I don’t think he recovers from this. I don’t think Barack Obama recovers from this. Because it’s just enough. Critical mass was reached for whatever reason you accurately put it. Powers nailed it. He’s disengaged. He’s not engaged. He’s not explaining. He’s not problem solving. And the folks know it.

Kirsten Powers: Yeah, I agree with that. To me, Obamacare was the last straw. To me Obamacare was sort of his Hurricane Katrina. He just never really is going to be able to recover from that.

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