Jindal Claims Obama Told Him He doesn’t Trust Governors


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday that Barack Obama told him he doesn’t trust governors to protect their people.

IJReview.com quotes Jindal as saying,

“When we met with him as governors, I asked him, why don’t you give the states more influence on accrediting higher education, to bring more competition in the marketplace

“Here’s the insulting thing: In a room full of Democratic and Republican governors, basically, in so many words he said, ‘We can’t trust states. We can’t trust governors to protect their own people.’”

This is hardly a shocker. After all, the President and the feds know best about all things. That’s why they have sued the states over things like voter ID laws, immigration laws and union issues. That’s why they bypassed state legislatures as they snuck Common Core K-12 standards through the back door. That’s why they insist on imposing a school lunch menu that children refuse to eat.

Obama has a tendency to forget that our Constitution created a federalist system, where power is shared between the federal government and the states. He seems to forget the proud American tradition of local government, which works best because unique states and communities have unique needs and circumstances.

Or maybe he doesn’t forget any of that at all. Perhaps he believes that state and local governments are ridiculous entities that should step aside and let the big boys in Washington, D.C. call all the shots.

It’s just that stupid Constitution, the same document that prevents him from completely ruling by executive order and forces him to deal with that silly Congress on far too many issues.


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