IRS victim offers $1 million BOUNTY for scandal ‘smoking gun’

(National Review Online)

Catherine Engelbrecht is a fearless warrior. She has stood for freedom, limited government and voter integrity – all things progressives despise. As a result the Internal Revenue Service has targeted Engelbrecht, her organization and her business with unnecessary audits and scrutiny.

She became the face of the IRS targeting scandal when she appeared on news programs and before Congress, calling for an investigation and accountability. Now she’s upped the ante by working with The Voters Trust, a non-profit group, to try to expose the IRS cover-up.


The Blaze reports:

A nonprofit group hopes to award a $1 million bounty to anyone who can provide “smoking gun” evidence to implicate IRS leadership or members of the Obama administration who purposefully targeted conservative and tea party-affiliated groups, TheBlaze has learned.

Gregg Phillips, the managing director for The Voters Trust, a political nonprofit 501 (c)(4) which was established to identify and mobilize Americans, told TheBlaze on Wednesday “that this is the people’s bounty to seek the truth.”

Emails obtained by the government watchdog Judicial Watch, through a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal that the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups came from the IRS in Washington D.C. The emails and documents also show Sen. Carl Levin’s (D-Mich.) potential involvement in putting pressure on the IRS to investigate conservative tax-exempt organizations.

“This is their intent and if we allow it to continue it will fundamentally reshape the citizen’s relationship with the government,” Engelbrecht said. “This bounty is about the people, it’s about the grassroots and the citizenry of our nation and it belongs to all the people. This is our rallying cry for justice.”

Engelbrecht appeared on “The Kelly File” on Fox News to announce the bounty.

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