INTRODUCING ‘PROGRESSIVES TODAY’ …Check Out Our First Investigative Report on “Dana” Friday at 5 PM ET …Updated With Video

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Announcing: “Progressives Today”

Jim Hoft, the founder and proprietor of The Gateway Pundit, and Kyle Olson, the founder and Editor of EAG News have joined forces in a new online project “Progressives Today.”

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As you know many Americans who consider themselves left of center have an antiquated sense of today’s Democrat party.  This is not their father’s Democratic party.  Democrats today are controlled by, and answer to, the most radical elements of their party.  Yet, with cover generously provided by the mainstream media, progressives are able to push their influence in the shadows.  And they have no shame.

Progressives Today will follow and publicly expose the radical elements of the institutional left.  It will be the go to resource for all elements of the progressive movement through old school investigative journalism.  We will cover their conferences with undercover reporters, we will interview their leaders, we will follow their writings, teachings, social media presence.  Our goal is to finally hold the left accountable for their radical opinions, their destructive policies and their dangerous anti-American agenda.

One of the goals of PT, in addition to simply exposing progressives, is to expose their views to moderates and Democrats so that a choice must be made.   It is our strong belief that, Progressives Today will cause many on the left to re-evaluate their political alliances.

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Stay tuned – our first explosive investigative report will air today on Dana Loesch‘s show “Dana” on The Blaze TV  at 5:00 PM ET.

UPDATE: Here is a teaser video for the show tonight.
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