Unhinged Harry Reid: Koch Brothers “Don’t Want Law Enforcement” (Video)

koch exposed
Democrats sent out this creepy invite to their “Koch Brothers Exposed” screening.

Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined far-left filmmaker Robert Greenwald in D.C. Tuesday to screen clips from Koch Brothers Exposed at the US Capitol.

Charles and David Koch are conservative political donors and despised by the left. Harry Reid is on record attacking the Koch Brothers at least 134 times in the US Senate.


Tuesday before the event Harry Reid took the stage and blasted the Koch Brothers once again.  Harry Reid has already said the Koch Brothers are “un-American” and should be banned from America.

On Tuesday Reid told a far left audience the Koch Brothers “don’t want law enforcement.”

“And, I’ve watched as I’ve indicated, one senator after another go to the floor and talk about what great guys these two men are. They want to do away with Social Security. They don’t believe that climate change exists. They want to do away with all EPA regulations. They basically don’t want any law enforcement.”

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