GOP victory party is threatened by a lack of voter enthusiasm


WASHINGTON, D.C. – A lot of political pundits believe Republicans have a golden opportunity to make big gains in Congress in the 2014 mid-term elections. That would make sense, considering the slow economic recovery, growing national debt and the scandals plaguing the Obama administration.

But a report from Western Journalism suggests that voter enthusiasm among Republicans is not nearly as high as it was in 2010, when the GOP swept to victory in the mid-terms. Sixty-two percent of GOP voters said they were excited to vote that year, compared to only about half of Democratic voters. This year, both parties have a majority of voters saying they are less excited about participating in the election:

Historically, as evidenced by 2010, the party with the most voter enthusiasm is likely to win elections. Separated by party, Republicans are better off in this regard (this year). The Republicans have an eight-point enthusiasm deficit compared to 23 points among those on the other side of the aisle.

Nevertheless, it appears the overwhelming excitement among Republicans during the conservative uprising in 2010 has effectively disappeared.

The article went on to suggest that the GOP will probably pick up seats in Congress, but not as many as 2010.

That suggests that Republicans are almost as upset with each other as they are with Obama and the Democrats. The growing civil war between tea party and establishment Republicans is surely to blame for this. Throughout the nation, nasty battles in Republican primaries are tearing the party in two.

Republicans would be wise to remember that we have a unique political system requiring compromise. Unlike in European democracies, where there are dozens of little parties constantly fighting for power and cutting deals to form short-lived coalitions, American political parties are big tents. Members traditionally tolerate a degree of diversity within their ranks, because they want to win elections.

Obviously many conservative Republicans are disgusted with more moderate members of their party, and see little difference between RHINOS and Democrats. They should remember that they have a better chance of working with moderates in their own party to achieve their goals than working with hard-core leftist Democrats.

If they forget that at election time, a golden opportunity for the GOP could easily slip away.

Authored by Steve Gunn

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