Former Clinton damage control expert hired by the Sultan of Brunei

Mark Fabiani (GlancingWeb)

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Politico reports that the Sultan of Brunei, owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel, has hired former Clinton damage control expert Mark Fabiani to smooth over a celebrity-led boycott of the hotel:

The Beverly Hills Hotel has been the target of high-profile protests by members of its clientele ever since its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, imposed regulations based on Islamic law penalizing homosexuality and adultery.

The Sultan might have picked the right guy to defend the indefensible. Fabiani, who authored the phase “vast right wing conspiracy,” has a knack for making the most disgusting people and situations seem harmless to the general public. A President of the United States took sexual advantage of a young White House intern, lied under oath, lied on television to the American people, then allowed his young victim to be the target of partisan attacks, yet somehow came out of the mess with strong poll numbers. Fabiani must be some sort of genius.

Authored by Steve Gunn


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