Former Chicago Comptroller Amer Ahmad Arrested in Pakistan (Video)

Former Chicago Comptroller Amer Ahmad was arrested as he arrived in Pakistan this week. The former official fled the US prior to his sentencing.

Amer Ahmad was under investigation 5 months before Mayor Emanuel hired him.

Ahmad was carrying $176,000 in cash and a fake passport he bought in Mexico.
The Chicago Tribune reported:


Former Chicago Comptroller Amer Ahmad has been taken into custody in Pakistan, where he apparently fled ahead of his sentencing in a federal fraud case in Ohio.

Dr. Usman Anwar, director of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency in Punjab province said today that Ahmad was arrested at Lahore airport when he was trying to enter the country using a forged Mexican passport with a forged Pakistani visa.

“Our officers at the airport found that his passport and visa were forged. We also recovered his original American passport which he tried to hide. Then we searched his history on Google and found that he was guilty of fraud in US and wanted (by the) FBI,” Anwar said. “We have arrested him under (a) passport and visa fraud case which carries a punishment of seven years of imprisonment in Pakistan.”

Ahmad’s apprehension comes a week after Ahmad’s wife filed a request for an order of protection in Cook County Court in which she alleged he was seeking a fake passport to go to Pakistan.

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