FIREWORKS! Dana Loesch BLASTS Anti-Christian Bigot on ‘The Kelly File’ (MUST SEE Video)

Dana Loesch DESTROYED far left anti-Christian bigot Jessica Ehrlich on The Kelly File.
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Friday morning SunTrust Banks cut ties with would-be reality stars David and Jason Benham after liberal activists attacked the two for their conservative views on abortion and gay marriage. Suntrust later reversed its decision after enormous backlash from Christian customers.

On Friday Dana Loesch was invited on The Kelly File to discuss the controversy when she was attacked by Democratic strategist Jessica Ehrlich for her Christian faith. Dana would have none of it.
Here’s the partial transcript:

Jessica Ehrlich: Here you have two attention-seeking, reality series wannabes, who are political activists, who have an extreme agenda. And who are trying to cloak this sort of religious freedom characterization…

Dana Loesch: I just don’t understand the anti-Christian bigotry. The world’s big enough for us all, don’t you think?

Ehrlich: There is no anti-Christian bigotry here. They cloaked their political views…

Loesch: I don’t find Christian views to be political.

Ehrlich: These are not Christian views.

Loesch: It’s not Christian views to talk about Biblical principles?… What about the Bible do you find extreme?

Ehrlich: They are anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality.

Loesch: Using your logic, Jessica, then how does that not make you anti-Christian?… Jessica, you learn more when you keep your mouth shut.

Ehrlich: You don’t need to get rude about this.

Loesch: If we’re going to have a discussion on rudeness, let’s start with your name-calling and your smearing of these brothers just because you are an anti-Christian bigot.

When a bigoted Democrat starts lecturing on Christian principles you know they’ve lost the argument.

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