Filmmakers Urge FBI to Investigate James O’Keefe’s Tactics in Hollywood Sting Operation

Filmmakers Ed Begley Jr. and Josh and Rebecca Tickell urged the FBI this week to investigate James O’Keefe’s undercover tactics in his latest Hollywood sting operation.

In his latest project conservative journalist O’Keefe duped progressives Ed Begley Jr. and Mariel Hemmingway to get involved in an anti-fracking film that was funded by Middle Eastern oil interests. The Hollywood elites jumped on the chance to screw America in the undercover segment.
okeefe hollywood

Meanwhile, O’Keefe said his next release will ruin the Tickells’ lives.
Via The Hollywood Reporter:


The journalist who captured Mariel Hemingway, Ed Begley Jr. and other environmentalists in secretly recorded video may have broken laws. There has been “a tremendous amount of negative fallout,” says Begley Jr.

Filmmakers who were targets of an undercover sting operation by James O’Keefe have filed a criminal complaint with police and have asked the FBI to determine whether federal laws were broken when the journalist surreptitiously recorded phone calls and a lunch meeting, a spokesman for movie producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell said Wednesday.

“I can confirm that this matter has been reported to federal and local law enforcement for investigation of whether certain state and federal laws were violated,” said Jonathan Franks, a managing partner at Lucid Public Relations.

Franks also said that police are looking into a disturbing phone call placed Wednesday to the Tickells, who run Green Planet Prods. and produce award-winning environmental documentaries.

“I can also confirm that a person identifying himself as Mr. O’Keefe telephoned Green Planet and informed the secretary that his next release would ruin the Tickells’ lives and careers.”

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