Fifth Grade Boys Steal Talent Show With Synchronized Swim Routine (Video)

This was fantastic.
boys swim show
A group of fifth grade boys at W.A. Porter Elementary School in Hurst, Texas stole the show with their synchronized swim routine.
The YouTube video is going viral.

Via Kansas City Star:

They leaped, fluttered and “swam” their way into the hearts of an audience at a talent show for W.A. Porter Elementary School in Hurst, Texas.

And now, the group of eight fifth-grade boys are “swimming” their way onto the screens of America.

A video of the group’s talent show, where they pretended to be a team of synchronized swimmers, has turned viral.

The boys performed their routine behind a “water wall,” with mats on the ground to soften their convincing dives into the “pool.” The boys wore goggles, swimming caps and bathing suits for added effect.

“One of the moms posted it on Facebook and another on YouTube and it’s taken off,” the school’s principal, Greg Bicknell, told ABC News.

It turns out the idea is not the first of its kind; a mom of one of the boy’s came up with the idea after watching a similar skit on YouTube.

But the making of the act presented its own difficulties.

“There were a few practices I was ready to throw in the towel, but we persevered,” mom Nathalie Hembree, who choreographed the skit, told TV news station KDFW.


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