Father of UCSB Shooting Victim Rails Against NRA & Calls for More Gun Laws …(Nothing About Knives) -Video

On Friday 22 year-old Elliot Rodger stabbed three men to death in his apartment, stabbing each repeatedly with a sharp object. Then he drove his black BMW to Alpha Phi sorority and shot three young women, killing two. Rodger then drove past a deli mart and killed another male student before taking his life.

On Saturday Richard Martinez the father of shooting victim Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez railed against the NRA and called for more gun laws.

“Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights? What about Chris’s right to live?”

Martinez said nothing about the knifing victims.
The AP reported, via Free Republic:


A man whose son was among the victims killed in a shooting rampage near a California university quaked with grief and rage Saturday as he described his “lost and broken” family and the proliferation of guns he believes led to his son’s death.

“Our son Christopher and six others are dead,” Richard Martinez told reporters gathered outside a sheriff’s station for a news conference the day after the shootings near the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the 20-year-old son was a sophomore. “You don’t think it’ll happen to your child until it does.”

Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, of Los Osos, Calif., was the last of six people killed by suspect Elliot Rodger before the gunman apparently shot and killed himself, authorities said.

Martinez choked back tears as he spoke, then grew angrier as he talked about gun laws and lobbyists.

“The talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?” Martinez said. “When will enough people say: ‘Stop this madness! We don’t have to live like this! Too many people have died!”

He then punctuated his words as he said, “We should say to ourselves: ‘Not! One! More!'” before dissolving into tears and falling to his knees as he stepped from the podium.

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