FAR LEFT ACTIVISTS Threaten Murder for Pointing Out the Nigerian Girls Were Shipped Off to Chad

On Saturday, The Gateway Pundit pointed out that Boko Haram Islamists had already sold, married off and shipped several kidnapped Nigerian girls to Chad.
bring back balls
This was reported in the Nigerian Bulletin two weeks before Michelle Obama and the far left even noticed they were missing.

In response to this report, radical far left blog Daily Kos accused TGP of gloating that the Christian girls were kidnapped:
dk gloat

And, that’s not all.
The ‘tolerant’ left also called for murder—

“Teabag scum @gatewaypundit & @DLoesch approve of this. Both need bullets in their throats.”

It seems a bit extreme – considering I was just pointing out the obvious.
But that is what we are dealing with here in America today.
Violent – Leftist – Thugs – Threatening murder.

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