Experts Say Gasoline Prices Wouldn’t be So High if Obama Would Approve Keystone Pipeline

Obama_gas prices

Do you remember the 2008 presidential campaign, when candidate Barack Obama constantly attacked President George W. Bush for high gas prices?

Well guess what? Six years later prices as the pump are still hovering around the $4 per gallon mark, and President Obama continues to resist efforts to make the U.S. more energy independent.

Unless, of course, the term “energy independent” means a national reliance on green energy. But green energy is not nearly developed enough to power our economy. We still need a bigger and less expensive supply of fossil fuels if we hope to drive down energy costs that are sucking the life out of the economic recovery

In a recent column in Forbes magazine, two oil industry experts say the president’s reluctance to approve the Keystone pipeline project is contributing to the problem.


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