University Received Millions of Government Funds to Develop Climate Change Game

Climate Change Game
Columbia University’s Climate Change game, FutureCoast. (Screenshot)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) was founded in 1950 to “promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…” and has an annual budget of $7.2 Billion (FY 2014). Approximately twenty-four percent of that budget goes to funding research at Colleges and Universities and almost $6 Million of that went to fund the creation of propaganda in the form of a disaster “game” about Climate Change.

The grant titled #1239783 CCEP-II: Polar Learning and Responding: PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership awarded $5.7 Million dollars to Columbia University in New York in order to create a “game” in an attempt to inform the public about the future dangers of man-made Climate Change. It states :

“The Polar Learning And Responding (PoLAR) Climate Change Partnership is using fascination with the changing polar regions and novel educational approaches to engage adult learners and inform public understanding and response to climate change. Learning research and activities implemented during the Phase I demonstration project show that games and game-like approaches motivate exploration and learning of complex material. Focus has been placed on the poles because climate change is rapid in these regions and has global consequences. Images of the changing Arctic and Antarctic have become emblematic of environmental change for the public at large.” 

The result of that grant led Columbia University to create a website titled: FutureCoast. FutureCoast is a game where people find “Chronofacts” that contain fictional voicemails from the future. Below is a video made by the game creators showing how the Chronofacts could be found:

When an individual finds one of the Chronofacts they then email a picture of it to a “Coaster” at FutureCoast so that it can be “decoded”.

While one would assume that voicemails from the future might include some conversations about everyday events, such as going to the grocery store or picking up the kids from school, most of the voicemails on FutureCoast are, as directed by the NSF grant, from people talking about disasters caused by man-made Climate Change.

In one titled Atop Diamondhead a young man makes as Emergency call home to his mother from Oahu, Hawaii in 2066 just before he is killed by a natural disaster caused by Climate Change:

“Hey Mom, I’m on top of Diamondhead right now… there was a 8.6 earthquake about 2 hours ago… If the tsunami doesn’t get us, the heat might, it’s like 115 degrees right now and it’s going up. I just wanted to say I love you and miss you and it might be the last time you hear my voice…bye.” 

Another one titled Gas Privileges is of a young lady from Santa Cruz, California in 2065 who is making a call to her relatives describing the loss of her gas privileges, the excessive heat, water shortages, and violence occurring because of Climate Change:

“Hi Gus this is Teddy. Just calling to say Hi. It’s another scorching day here in Santa Cruz, as I’m sure you are aware. …This is gonna be one of the last days that I’m gonna be able to use my car this month. I have gas using privileges. I want to come and see you and the kids. I don’t have that much longer to use my gas privileges. …I’m going to be inside most of the day as I said it’s scorching here. I was also wondering how you and Bob are going to find your water pretty soon. We’ve been having a lot of difficulty here getting enough water for me and the kids. It’s getting to be kind of a violent situation… Stay Cool, Bye, Bye.”  

As if using millions of taxpayer’s dollars to fund a game that uses scare tactics to push the fictional man-made Climate Change agenda wasn’t disturbing enough, one voicemail titled Paranoid President jumps on the Climate Denier bashing bandwagon as it describes a security guard in 2020 mockingly talking about future President “Bachmann” (Michelle Bachmann?) who is writing “CO2 is not poisonous” on the walls of the Oval Office, while putting on a tin-foil hat:

“Security footage in the Oval Office shows President Bachmann has scribbled CO2 is not poisonous on the walls and has fashioned herself another aluminum foil hat.”

Having received $5.7 Million in Government funds one would expect these “voicemails” from the future to be high quality, movie type recordings.

Think again.

Columbia University decided to save some money by allowing just anyone to make a recording from the future. So they also created another website,, so that the public could create a voicemail for the game for free (Screenshot below):

(Click To Enlarge)

Even though this “game” was meant to run from 2012 to 2017 (according to the grant details) no new “Chronofacts” are going to be discovered after April of this year.

So it would appear that the price of Climate Change propaganda runs high. Because it seems that $6 Million dollars of taxpayer money is only enough to buy the design of two mediocre websites, the production of a few plastic knick knacks, and the creation of a few fictional, low quality voice recordings that the University didn’t even have to pay for… all done over a period of 2 years.

If that doesn’t make the U.S. Government’s purchase of a toilet seat for $640 look like a sound investment, nothing will.

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