Even 16 years later, Clinton’s actions toward Lewinsky are enough to turn a stomach

US President Bill Clinton speaks to reporters 26 J
(Clarity Blog)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Published rumors say former President Bill Clinton may publicly apologize to former mistress Monica Lewinski.

From Rob Nikolewski on Watchdog.org:


“From the moment news of the scandal leaked, Clinton looked out only for himself. He let White House insiders begin a whispering campaign that Lewinsky was a sex-crazed stalker. At the time, maybe they didn’t know the truth. But Clinton did … In the meantime, Lewinsky, the object of countless dirty jokes, could barely show her face in public and considered suicide.”

If morality mattered at all, Clinton would have been forced to resign, or the Senate would have removed him from office.

The President of the United States took sexual advantage of a star-struck 22-year-old White House intern, then let his attack dogs paint her as a liar, at least until her stained dress revealed the truth. As we later found out, Clinton never should have bothered to lie in the first place. That’s because relatively few people cared. The economy was good at the time and most people who wanted to work had a job.

As long as there was a chicken in every pot, most Americans were completely disinterested in the fact that their president was sexually abusing a young woman under his command. That was his business.

It really was a shameful period in American history, because we were forced to face the fact that right and wrong no longer matter, as long as our material desires are met.

So who was really worse – Clinton for his sick actions, or the American people for giving him a pass?

Let’s just say we had the type of president we deserved.

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