Eleanor Clift says late American ambassador was not murdered, He died of smoke inhalation

Eleanor Clift
Eleanor Clift (Pew Forum)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Eleanor Clift, a columnist for the Daily Beast, said this weekend on the McLaughlin Report that Chris Stevens, the late American ambassador to Libya, was not murdered, but died of smoke inhalation, according to Breitbart.com:

Clift slammed the House Republican select committee effort, but she insisted that U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn’t a casualty of the attack directly, but instead a victim of smoke inhalation during the terrorist attack on not a diplomatic outpost, but one that was functioning as a CIA outpost.

I hope the American people are noticing how far the left is willing to go to protect President Obama and Hillary Clinton from their stubborn Benghazi problem. To paraphrase Mrs. Clinton, does the precise cause of Stevens’ death really matter? The bottom line is that he and his staff were under attack, raising huge questions about the unbelievable lack of security for our embassy staff, and the failure of Clinton’ State Department to try to rescue them. Even if it were true that the killers were simply protesting some anti-Islamic video, which Clift still insists was the case, the fact is that they turned violent and murdered our people. And even if Stevens and his staff were manning some sort of CIA outpost, did they no longer deserve their nation’s protection? Did our government to enough to protect them, or try to rescue them? Those questions need to be answered, whether those on the left like it or not.

Authored by Steve Gunn


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