Disgusting! Missouri State Democrat Rep. Stacy Newman Mocks Benghazi Victims

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Examiner Reported:

It seems that for Missouri state Representative Stacey Newman, the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that saw four Americans killed is something of a joke. On Tuesday, the Missouri Democrat issued a tweet that sparked a great deal of anger from a number of people who took offense.

“Thinking of saying ‘Benghazi’ while debating tomorrow on the House floor. Just to see what happens,” she tweeted.


“I am sure the families of the 4 murdered will appreciate your left wing disgusting humor,” one person said.

“Yeah that would be funny to make a mockery of those who died while your hero president sat and did nothing to stop it,” another person added.

Others hurled profanity at Newman, while others called her disgusting and heartless. One person asked if she was a “complete” idiot, or just a “partial” one. Yet another critic said Newman should seek psychological help.

Don’t worry Stacy the St Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones tweeted that she has your back…
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The Missouri Torch has more.

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