Disney Injects Global Warming Alarmism into Kids Show

crying kid

My wife doesn’t like the pre-teen Disney shows because they portray parents and adults as buffoons who are just laughed at. She believes parents are to be respected by their children and thus, Disney’s shows are not modeling proper respect. Needless to say, our kids don’t consume those shows.

Apparently some of the seemingly-innocent Disney shows for younger kids are to be avoided, too.


A new episode of “Doc McStuffins” – a girl that treats injured stuffed animals that have come to life – is based on a thunderstorm approaching her area.

That seems harmless.

But when the main character gathers the animals to tell them it might get a little scary, one says, “As the earth gets warmer and warmer, big storms get bigger and bigger.” It’s within the first two minutes of the episode.

The global warming alarmists can’t even keep their hands off kids’ TV.

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