DIRTY MARXISTS Storm McDonald’s, Disrupt Service, Scream Stupid Chants (Video)

Dirty 15now.org communists invaded a Portland McDonald’s as part of a nationwide minimum wage protests this week. The Marxists were hoping fast food employees would walk off their jobs and strike in support of a $15 an hour minimum wage. But, as you can see from the video, the McDonald’s was operating smoothly until the noisy leftists entered the establishment.

Nicolas Caleb supporters tried to block the camera while the hippie guy spouted his drivel.

“Unions are necessary,” said one of the protesters. One guy who was trying to eat takes issue with the protesters and starts his own chant. Another protester conceals his identity when he makes his way inside.


Who knows? Maybe one day one of these dirty Marxist organizers will become president?
Video by Laughing at Liberals:

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