Did a Post Office carrier really mistake a garbage can for a mailbox, or is it a matter of indifference?


WILKINSBURG, Pa. – “Kevin Whalen says there’s no excuse for mail being delivered to his garbage can,” reports KDKA 2. You never know; a vertical cylinder can sometimes be mistaken for a horizontal one on a post.

One day recently, Al Gameos got mail in Wilkinsburg (Pennsylvania), but none of it was his.


“I got three different pieces of mail from three different streets,” he said.

On the northside, Paul Pongrace says mixed up mail has forced people to become carriers themselves.

“People in the area are walking from one street to another street basically delivering their own mail,” he said.

But perhaps most shocking is Kevin Whalen’s experience: his wife saw their mail carrier putting something in their garbage can.

“So I came outside, lifted up the lid and all this mail was in here,” he said.

A representative for the Postal Service tells the station they’ve had “a lot of retirees” and as a result, has hired a lot of part-timers.

Perhaps because of Obamacare?

The letter carrier who threw the mail away has reportedly been fired.

Authored by Kyle Olson

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