Dana Loesch previews White Privilege Conference footage on the Glenn Beck Program

Loesch Marcus
(The Blaze)

The Blaze host Dana Loesch sat in as host on Glenn Beck’s Thursday episode and provided a preview of what’s to come on tonight’s episode of Dana! At 5pm ET.

Andrew Marcus, an attendee of this year’s White Privilege Conference, told Loesch:


“The premise here is that … it’s an attack on the Enlightenment. They’re against the Enlightenment because the Enlightenment is where we derive our sense of individuality. And it’s this sense of individuality that we find the ugly step-cousin of individuality, [which] is capitalism. So it’s an attack on individuality and it is an attack on capitalism.”

Tune into The Blaze at 5pm ET for Loesch’s exclusive report on Dana. The extensive investigation will be released throughout the next week at ProgressivesToday.com.

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