Conference Speaker Calls for White Race and MEN to be Abolished! (Video)

The Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon played host to the latest round of batty progressives espousing wacky theories.

The library hosted the “Radfems Respond” conference, a collective of “radical feminists” that apparently resort to militant tactics to establish their utopia – which apparently means the end of the “White Race” and men.

Check out this video, courtesy of DaylightDisinfectant:


The speaker is Lierre Keith, who supposedly penned “the most important ecological book of this generation,” titled, “The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability.” We have no idea who actually heaped upon her that kind of praise but we must admit it does make her sound important!

Keith said during her talk:

In the world I picture, lesbians are not rarely valued and prioritized but are seen as role models.  Lesbians are neither masturbation fodder for men obsessed with threesomes nor targeted to become hetersexual women…  Liberty and a living planet will only be won when masculinity, its religion, its economics, its psychology and its sex is resisted and finally defeated.

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