Communists cheer new Massachusetts teachers union leadership


The Communist rag People’s World is highlighting the new “progressive” teachers union leadership in Massachusetts.

The site reports:

Delegates to the 2014 annual meeting of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) elected progressive candidate Barbara Madeloni as president of the largest union in Massachusetts. The 113,000-member MTA is the state affiliate of the National Education Association, representing the majority of Massachusetts K-12 teachers and public higher education faculty and staff.

Though her victory over the current vice president Tim Sullivan was a surprise to some, it was the result of a long organizing effort by Madeloni and a rank and file caucus, Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU). Madeloni ran on a platform of maintaining and strengthening union rights, labor solidarity, organizing, and opposition to the privatization of public education and to high-stakes testing.

That’s strange. If unions are suppoedly in it for the kids, why didn’t Madeloni’s platform including anything about higher graduation rates, higher student proficiency, or a decreased racial achievement gap.

Oh that’s right, the union’s looking out for the adults…and the adults only.

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