Clinton wants congressional Democrats to publicly embrace Obamacare

(Wall Street Journal)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former President Bill Clinton is advising congressional Democrats up for re-election this year “not to run from Obamacare.”

Clinton was quoted as saying the following by Real Clear Politics:

“I thought that Democrats had a tendency to shy away from things they had done that were unpopular, (and) talk about positions they had that were popular. And that my own experience had convinced me — going back to ’94 and even more when I was governor — that that was always a terrible mistake. That you had to turn in toward all controversies and embrace them — even if you said you were wrong or a mistake was made. You couldn’t not deal with it.”

Kudos to Clinton for encouraging his fellow Democrats to participate in public discussion about Obamacare. American voters deserve nothing less than a full public debate this year about this sweeping new law and its profound effect on the nation. It will help them make good decisions when they vote this fall.

But from a partisan point of view, Clinton may be encouraging the Dems to voluntarily drive over a cliff. Many of them would obviously be better off ducking the issue. After all, what are they going to say to the people who were lied to about losing their private coverage? What are they going to say to the employees whose companies are no longer offering coverage due to the cost of Obamacare? What are they going to say to the millions of part-time workers whose hours have been cut due to the law, or the millions of healthy young people who are being forced to buy something they don’t think they need?

Open, honest public discussion about federal policy is good for democracy, but Clinton is asking congressional Dems to step out onto the debate stage with no ammunition to defend themselves. He may be inviting electoral disaster for the left.

Obama calls the GOP the “party of no,” but those ‘no’s’ have helped shrink the national deficit.

Authored by Steve Gunn

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