BREAKING➙ US Senator Releases Statement on James O’Keefe’s Latest Video on Hollywood Hit

Earlier this week conservative journalist James O’Keefe from Project Veritas was on The Kelly File to discuss his latest undercover video released on Tuesday.  O’Keefe told Megyn Kelly he was contacted by members of Congress regarding his latest anti-fracking report.

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On Friday the US Senate Responded to the Video Release–
Progressives Today was sent a copy of this release—-

This week, an investigative video was released showing Hollywood film producers eager to accept Middle Eastern money to produce an anti-fracking video. The actor, portraying a wealthy Middle Eastern investor, is clear that he wants to ban hydraulic fracturing in America because it hurts the Middle Eastern oil industry, and he wants to pay the Hollywood producers to make the movie.

The producers not only agree to make the movie, but they have no qualms with hiding his financial involvement behind a wall of far-left environmental activists and non-governmental organizations. The producers make it clear – this is not their first time.

Sen. David Vitter made the following statement:

“Natural gas production from hydraulic fracturing is clearly one of the brightest spots in our nation’s economy. We know there’s clear collusion between the Obama Administration, the EPA and far-left environmentalists, including the Hollywood elite, to pursue an anti-domestic energy production agenda. Thankfully this time the joke is on them because their agenda has not been a joke for America’s middle class workforce and our economy.

In the video, the Hollywood producers tell the fake Middle Eastern investor how his involvement can be hidden behind the participation of various environmentalists groups like, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). They explain it is necessary to hide his investment, so that the film will have greater credibility and a greater political impact.

EPW Republicans have obtained the transcript from the investigative video. Below are some excerpts:

  • “This is not the first major project that we’ve had funded through a funding source which you know, for various reasons – we didn’t disclose. It would have been very unwise for everybody to understand the dynamics of that funding. So we know how tricky it is…. It’s money, so in that sense we have no moral issue.” – said Josh Tickell, 3/10/14
  • “Friends of the Earth — with their Executive Director. So essentially, whatever — whatever — however we did this, it would be essentially housed inside of a group of non-profits and very high profile people who are already in the movement and who are already working along the movement. So for all intents and purposes, anybody looking from the outside at this will see all of these people involved cast (sic) working for, working with the movie and will be like, ‘Oh, well, we can see — we do see where the funding came from. It came from all of these.’ They will make the assumption. We will not offer it. You know?” – Josh Tickell, 2/28/14
  • “The second group of people is – it’s the Code Blue Foundation. The NGO’s responsible for funding the anti-fracking and Upper New York – in New York State. So they’re well known in the fracking movement. And they would love to executive produce and put their names on the film. And then the third – the third entity – well, actually, they won’t necessarily be an executive producer, but they’re very close with Environment California…. is doing a pretty big push right now and we’re in touch with their high sort of level team. And then the other one is … Friends of Earth.” – said Rebecca Tickell, 2/28/4
  • “And then what we normally do is we always list all the foundations we work with in the thank you’s of the credits. And they take a look at that as – it’s like people just look at the credits or they look at the website or they look at the non-profits involved and they go, “okay, this is who put money in.” – said Josh Tickell, 2/28/14
  • “Here’s the thing – I think it really did, you know, looking back – certainly looking back at the mediascape of how the bloggers fare, how did the fare, how did the sort of digital world respond to Promised Land? I think it really hurt the movie to have one of the production companies based on Abu Dhabi and for that to be so public and so up front.” – said Josh Tickell, 2/28/14
  • “But the anti-fracking community just like the heads of the NRDC,, Environment California it’s a small community… I was on a call with Stan Jacobsen, runs Environment California, when we did the Prop 87 initiative, and I was one of ten people on that call. That was, that was all the major players. NRDC, Your Club, GreenPeace,, and then Environment California, Environment America, and Friends of the Earth, that was it, it was ten people. So you know we’re just, we’re hyper aware and hyper sensitive that that the coalitions are tight knit, they are cellular in that they can work independently, but around this issue specifically around fracking everyone, everyone is like on the same level. So the communication is pretty clear between those organizations.” – said Josh Tickell, 3/10/14
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