As a federal appeals judge, Barron will do whatever it takes to implement progressive agenda


WASHINGTON, D.C. – What have the Democrats in the U.S. Senate thrust upon us?

Yesterday the Senate voted 53-45 – along party lines – to confirm the nomination of Harvard professor David Barron to a seat on the 1st District U.S. Court of Appeals.

Prior to the vote, most of the debate about Barron centered on the memos he co-authored for the White House in support of using drones to kill Americans overseas.

But there’s a lot more about Barron that should have made senators from both parties wary of his confirmation. This is a man who embodies the current progressive philosophy that the ends justify the means when it comes to implementation of leftist policies.

Of course conservatives believe that officials elected by and accountable to the people – Congress and the president – should make laws, and the courts exist to interpret the constitutional correctness of those laws.

Judges are supposed to be the referees, not the players.

In recent decades many liberal judges have been guilty of crossing that line and creating new laws through the decisions they render from the bench.

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