American progressives strangely silent about mistreatment of women in Muslim cultures

(Information Nigeria)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There’s a new movie out that progressives don’t want the public to see.

That’s because “Honor Diaries” exposes the blatant hypocrisy of the progressive movement by highlighting the frequent murder and abuse of women in Islamic societies.


American progressives stubbornly refuse to criticize Muslims, even when innocent lives are lost.

The killings – typically committed by family members against women who “shame their honor” by refusing arranged marriages or rejecting sexual assault – occur in Muslim nations across the world. But the American progressive movement’s unholy alliance with the Council on American Islamic Relations has resulted in a self-imposed “gag order” regarding these unnecessary horrors.

“People prepared to label opposition to employer-paid contraceptives a ‘war on women’ are generally much less willing to channel their outrage at the savagery of honor killings or child marriages in non-Western societies,” wrote Jeff Jacoby, a columnist for the Boston Globe.

Many believe it’s the progressive movement’s ties with groups like CAIR that are preventing good people from speaking out against honor killings, and it’s likely a major motivation behind “Honor Diaries” – an award-winning documentary about honor violence in the Muslim world.

The move was released last month to coincide with International Women’s Day, but “it didn’t take long for the (CAIR) to slap its all-purpose ‘Islamophobic!’ label on it,” Jacoby wrote.

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