Administration accused of using federal inspector generals to hide political scandals

inspector general
(The Wall Street Journal)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Obama administration continues to come under fire for playing politics with inspector generals employed by various federal departments, and for using the post to squelch scandals that would reflect poorly on the president.

American Thinker has highlighted numerous recent examples of the Obama administration’s “political pressures” on inspector generals in several government departments. The news site and others have also criticized the president for failing to permanently appoint IGs to nine major departments.

Several recent political scandals are tied directly to the issue with IGs, who have reportedly played a role in keeping important information under wraps, according to media reports.

American Thinker cites a Washington Examiner report about a Senate subcommittee investigation into Department of Human Services IG Charles Edwards, which showed a deliberate effort to whitewash the scandal involving Secret Service agents hiring prostitutes while in Cartagena, Columbia.

“The subcommittee uncovered numerous allegations against Edwards – some that pertained to his Secret Service probe and many others that were completely unrelated,” the Washington Examiner reported. “The panel found strong evidence that Edwards was altering and delaying investigations and reports to please political appointees at DHS who were in a position to influence President Obama to permanently elevate him to the top post.

“According to the Senate report, Edwards put three of his staff on administrative leave after they balked when he directed them to delete parts of the office’s investigation into Secret Service misconduct in Columbia – evidence that would have cast the Secret Service in a more negative light, as well as implicate a White House staffer.”

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