A 10-year-old Oklahoma girl was raped by an 8-year-old boy at school, while the boy’s 10-year-old sister held her down

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OKLAHOMA CITY – From Examiner.com:

“Officers were summoned to the school and escorted the family to the hospital, where a rape exam was conducted. The medical paperwork confirmed that the child’s wounds were consistent with sexual assault.”


If anybody is surprised by this disturbing tale, they need to wake up. Our children, even the smallest ones, are constantly bombarded with sexual images and innuendo through the popular media. Have you watched any television or movies lately, or listened to rap music? The immoral pigs who run the entertainment industries purposefully pump this stuff out, fully aware that children are being exposed to their filth, then hide behind the First Amendment.

The worst part is they get rich doing it.

Perhaps the only way to safely raise a child these days is to throw the television, computer, DVD player and stereo out with the garbage. Pop culture has become pretty much synonymous with pornography, and smart parents will do their best to keep it out of their homes.

It’s just very sad that they face such an uphill battle in protecting their kids.

Read yesterday’s shocking interview with Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic director, who told Progressives Today about the intent to oversexualize children.

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