University to Offer Post-Doc in “Feminist Biology” to Combat Sexism in Science

What BS.
Janet Hyde, director of the University of Wisconsin campus Center for Research on Gender & Women

The University of Wisconsin is going to offer a post-doctorate degree in “feminist biology” in an effort to reflect feminist thinking in the sciences.
Campus Reform reported:

The University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW) has announced it will offer a post-doctorate in “feminist biology” because biological science is rife with sexism and must be changed to reflect feminist thinking.

The focus of the program will be to “uncover and reverse gender bias in biology” and to “develop new theory and methods in biology that affect feminist approaches,” according to a news release posted by the college on April 17.

Hyde said such a program is necessary because sexism among male scientists’ sometimes makes them incapable of accurate research.

“All human beings have gender stereotypes in their brain,” she said. “Gender stereotypes are pervasive … people just don’t see things or don’t appreciate them or don’t process them when they don’t conform to stereotype notions,” Hyde told Campus Reform in an interview on Thursday.

The two-year program will focus on conducting scientific research from a feminist viewpoint, Janet Hyde, the director of the Campus Center for Research on Gender and Women, said in an interview with Campus Reform on Thursday.

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