Ukraine Asks for More Support – Obama Sends Medical Kits and Blankets

21st Century Support–
Last month the Ukrainian government asked Barack Obama for military assistance.
Instead, he sent them food rations.

This week the Obama administration committed more support to the Ukrainian government.
The administration will send medical kits, sleeping bags and water-purifiers.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The U.S. will supply medical kits, helmets, sleeping mats and water-purification systems to the Ukrainian military, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday.

Mr. Hagel notified the acting Ukrainian defense minister of the expanded U.S. assistance in a call on Thursday, saying it will help the country’s military and its border guard, which will receive shelters and portable generators. The U.S. previously has supplied Ukraine with military food rations.

The assistance comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped up his rhetoric against the Ukrainian government in new comments Thursday in which he held open the possibility of a direct military intervention by Moscow into eastern Ukraine.

“We remain deeply concerned about Russia’s ongoing, destabilizing activities in eastern Ukraine,” Mr. Hagel said. “De-escalation has been our focus and Russia must take steps to make that happen.”

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