SICK. Chicago Teachers Union Prez Jokes About the Rash of Shootings in Her Hometown (Video)

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis cracked a joke this week about the rash of shootings in her hometown.
Pretty sick.
EAG News reported:

EAG News reported:

In Chicago, what’s happening in the community is not good. The city had been plagued in recent years with a frightening increase in shootings, including many incidents that involve school-aged children.

Somehow Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, finds that funny.

Lewis appeared at the recent conference of Labor Notes, which bills itself as a “Troublemakers Union.”

It’s essentially a Big Labor agitators’ convention, and there’s no more appropriate keynote speaker for such a group than Lewis, who is still riding the wave of fame created from the 2012 Chicago teachers’ strike.

In part of her remarks, Lewis was explaining how elected leaders are providing supposedly false pension reform choices to education unions.

“’Take this cut or nothing’ – that’s not a choice,” Lewis said. “You gonna shoot me here or here?” she said, pointing to different parts of her body.

“I’m still shot! And this is Chicago!”

The crowd roared.

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