What Garbage… Salon: “There Is No Evidence That the BLM Euthanized Bundy’s Cattle”

You knew this was coming.
The far left smear merchants at Salon posted a hit piece today that included this nugget:

9. “The BLM killed cattle and put the corpses in a mass grave.There is no evidence that the BLM euthanized Bundy’s cattle except some photos and footage of dubious pedigree being aired nightly on Fox News. That said, it is possible that a cow or two could have died during the roundup. Cattle are occasionally killed in large roundups. Now, if there was a mass euthanizing of cattle, the BLM should be forced to explain that.

Evidently, the fact that there is video of two prized bulls shot dead is not enough. One prized bull that was held by the BLM was shot five times and the other allegedly shot while in a holding pen.

And then there’s this…
The Bundy family discovered a mass cow grave after the BLM left the area.


The Bureau of Land Management even admitted Bundy cattle “died” and four animals were “euthanized” during their roundup.

But, that’s not enough proof for the shoddy so-called journalists at Salon.

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